Crocus flower very early in Spring.

Blue Pearl displays luminous, soft blue flowers on the outside with a bronzy yellow base and a deep yellow throat, considered one of the best. When fully open they remind me of an orchid's bloom. 

We have chosen to offer particularly beautiful and fragrant crocus, as they are a must for indoor coaxing. At just 3"-4" tall they are too low growing for us to kneel down and sniff very often outdoors. But that makes them perfect for tables and windowsills. They are beautiful on their own in a small pot but just as beautiful in a mixed bulb windowsill garden.

Species Crocus, commonly known as Snow Crocus, date back to before the 18th century, when they were native to Europe, North Africa and western Asia. They are the earliest Crocus to flower, sometimes at the same time as Snowdrops and Iris Reticulata.

Contains 25 bulbs. Early Spring.