Foxy Foxtrot Tulip Bulbs

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See Foxtrot for even more raves for this family of tulips. Scented peony like blooms in March. Opens primrose yellow and changes over time to honey yellow, orange marmalade and old salmon rose, it’s never the same tulip twice. Beyond stunning with Foxtrot or any other early tulip you grow. You cannot go wrong with this lovely. Awesome with blue muscari and early pale daffs like Avalanche and Bridal Crown. Bees are particularly grateful for the early blooming bulbs. 

Tulips grow best in zones 4-7 where colder winters are more common. When planting outdoors most classes of tulips do not return every year, with the exception of the Darwin Hybrids and species. We grow them in pots and crates and compost the bulbs after they bloom. 

Double Early. Peony. 15” stem length. Contains 15 bulbs.