Snowdrops (Leucojum) like full sun, but here in Nashville I give them afternoon shade. To my eye they resemble giant Lily of the Valley, but much easier to coax into bloom. They are tough plants and happily return every year.  

Leucojum naturalize easily in the shady margins of open meadows. Well drained soil and some shade are a must in hotter climates. 9"-12" stems.

A species of flowering plant in the lily family Liliaceae, native to a wide stretch from the Anatolian plateau of Turkey, Iraq and Iran to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India and the Himalayan foothills. Full sun or part shade (particularly in the South) in fertile, moist well-draining soil. They will rot with wet feet. These should perennialize in your garden if conditions are right. 

Contains 12 bulbs. Mid-late Spring, lasting 2-3 weeks. Strappy foliage adds texture to the garden and bouquets.