Restoration Rose organically & sustainably grows fragrant antique, vintage & modern garden roses in addition to a wide variety of supporting cast florals. 

We provide flowers for every design occasion - from small dinner parties to large weddings - our farm has you covered! You can order only what you need, and pick it up with ease right in the heart of Nashville

Frequently Asked Questions

What flowers are currently available?

We have a page just for that! Click here to see our monthly availability. 

Where are you located?

Our farm is located in the greater Nashville area, but we offer pickups right in town in the 12 South area of Nashville, TN.

Do you allow visitors to the farm?

We love visitors! To schedule a visit, fill out our contact form here. Our farm is a great place for a natural photo shoot setting. We can’t wait to show you around! 

How are your flowers grown?

We believe in growing 100% organic, pesticide-free flowers. By creating a healthy environment where all creatures can flourish, a balance of nature is the result. We also reduce our impact on the planet through recycling, reusing and composting any waste. 



You strive to fulfill your client’s dreams & express her individuality thorough unique, fragrant & fresh beauty.


Your clients value unique & luxurious flowers. 


You design with confidence & spontaneity.
You imagination is limitless!


You believe beautiful roses are natural, fragrant & most beautiful when grown outdoors without pesticides. 


You believe local flowers are more beautiful—for the freshness they bring, the community they support & the respect shown for our planet. 

Sound like you?
Let's talk flowers!


We might be the perfect flower farm for you if… 

100% organically grown flowers

At Restoration Rose we are committed to:

Flowers grown without the use of any pesticide, period

hand-picked luxurious & unique flowers

Reducing our impact on the planet through recycling, reusing & composting.

30 miles from field to vase

Communication & ordering process that relieves your stress

"I am so happy I met Susan - Restoration Rose has changed the way I approach arranging and I often wait to see what bounty she has available before I even form a plan. Susan is a thoughtful grower and in addition to her spectacular roses, she has all of my favorite weird odds and ends. Thank you, Susan! Not only for the beauty you add to the world, but for your friendship and floral guidance."
- Carrie, Crowell Floral

"Restoration Rose has changed the way I approach arranging!"

“Susan is a joy to work with. Not only is she professional and responsive but she is funny and kind — eager to share her knowledge and passion for growing. Susan’s passion is contagious, her flowers are unique, and it is a joy to get to design with them. They give my work life and zest.”
- Lindsey, Gradient and Hue

"Susan’s passion is contagious."

"As a florist I love Susan! She is kind, knowledgeable and communicative. Not only are her roses stunners, her unique variety of speciality greens and flowers is one of the best in town! Working with Susan and her roses has been a treat for me as a florist. Her roses are always showstoppers. Her simple, no nonsense approach to providing high quality blooms while keeping them organic and unique will keep florists coming back!"
- Kate, Refuge Floral Co.

"Her unique variety of speciality greens & flowers is one of the best in town!"

"Susan's roses made all the difference for our Tennessee wedding in September. Her stems were some of the best we've handled - vibrant, fragrant and strong. Susan herself was a rare delight; working with her was one of the highlights for my team. She's the best kind of flower grower; producing A++ product while also being highly attuned to designers needs."
- Sarah Ryhanen, Saipua

"Susan's roses made all the difference for our Tennessee wedding."

“I love using what is at Susan’s farm, because you always know you’ll find something interesting and learn about something new every time. Her flowers have character and have allowed me to be more creative botanically because of all the wild abundance she nurtures. Susan’s flowers challenge me to use ingredients I’ve never used before, stepping outside of the normal florist’ s recipe and creating something different that stands out from the crowd.”
- Christie, The Farmer’s Florist

"Her flowers have allowed me to be more creative botanically because of all the wild abundance she nurtures."