Meet the Grower

Susan Lyell Young has been a gardener for over 30 years, specializing in antique and heirloom roses. However, the rose season only lasts for 8 months of the year in Nashville, Tennessee. What to do for the four months of dreary winter gloom?

Susan has found coaxing bulbs into bloom for the indoors an emotionally satisfying experience. Through careful planning, her blooms begin in November with Paperwhite narcissus and specialty jumbo Amaryllis through the Holidays. January brings hyacinth, rock garden iris, muscari and specialty daffodils. She continues to have amaryllis in peach and spring shades for blooming too. The blooming continues through February and into March with indoor and outdoor grown fresh cut tulips.

While Susan coaxes more than 10,000 bulbs annually for her tabletop bulb gardens floral customers, you can coax bulbs on a personal scale for fragrant winter cheer in your own home. There is nothing like cutting and admiring your own blooms in January!

Susan sources the largest and highest quality bulbs available to ensure a phenomenal display. She shares her passion for plants with anyone who will listen and enjoys passing on her experience and wisdom to everyone.

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