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Sir Winston Churchill Daffodil Bulbs

Sir Winston Churchill Daffodil Bulbs

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Delightfully fragrant double boasting large creamy 2.5” flowers surrounding a saffron center. Blooming in clusters, each 16” stem provides up to 4 flowers creating an instant bouquet. Great cut! Combine with mid/late tulips for a romantic display.

Awesome for coaxing indoors or out. 

Daffodils (Narcissus) grow in zones 4-10 and easily establish in your garden to return every Spring.  Plant daffodils about 6” deep in full sun to partial shade (in warmer climates). Growing and coaxing instructions included. 

Clustered/Double. Mid/late. 16” stems. Large 15 cm bulb. Easy coaxer for early indoor blooms.

Contains 12 bulbs.

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