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Fondant Hyacinth Bulbs

Fondant Hyacinth Bulbs

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If Barbie were a hyacinth, she would be this one. Super feminine clear pink flowers emerge with a white edge. Marvelous with blue and white muscari or white daffs. 

So much fun to grow in pots alone or combined with any of our daffodils and other spring beauties, hyacinths need at least 10 weeks at 45 degrees to do their best. They may be forced in soil or water, or planted outdoors in pots or garden beds. A classic cut flower. 

Hyacinth are early bloomers, coming to remind us that cheerful days are coming soon. Bonus: they are pollinator friendly, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden. 

10" stems, large 15/17 cm bulbs. Contains 6 bulbs.

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