12-20 Prepared Nir Paperwhites in vessel with decorative moss for LOCAL sales only

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$50.00 Available for pick up mid November or Metro delivery $5.00.

Nir produces beautiful flowers that resemble little snowflakes or stars. 

Huge 18-19 cm bulbs offer more flower stems per bulb and more florets per stem! These can be forced throughout winter or planted outdoors in Zones 9 and up. 

Softly scented and far superior to what is found in the grocery and big box stores. 

You can purchase bulbs alone or bulbs prepared and soon to bloom. Give the gift of beauty and fragrance or treat yourself if you forgot to start your own. 

LOCAL SALES ONLY. Please specify type of vessel.  12 bulbs in wooden planter -- $50.00

20 bulbs in heavy concrete bowl --$86.00