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Easy Indoor Tete Boucle Daffodil Garden

Easy Indoor Tete Boucle Daffodil Garden

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This is an easy project and we are here to help you succeed! Kit includes our Decatur Bowl and 20 Tete Boucle easy to grow indoor daffodils for coaxing into bloom in late winter. Daffodils arrive in a paper bag. Upon arrival, place paper bag in refrigerator where it will not come in contact with water or fruit. 

Let them chill 12 weeks. Remove from cold, place in Decatur bowl 80% full of potting soil, place in sunny location and growth should immediately begin, blooming in approximately 14 days. Rotate your bowl frequently so that stems do not lean toward sunlight. 

Further instructions on our FAQ. Contact us if you need further help. 

Decatur Bowl: Modern and simple ceramic white bowl measuring 9” x 4” deep. 

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