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Restoration Rose

10 Nir dormant Paperwhite bulbs for SHIPPING

10 Nir dormant Paperwhite bulbs for SHIPPING

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Nir produces beautiful flowers that resemble little snowflakes or stars. 

Huge 18-19 cm bulbs offer more flower stems per bulb and more florets per stem, these can be forced all winter or planted outdoors in Zones 9 and up. 

These are softly scented and far superior to what is found in the grocery and big box stores. 

Paperwhites require no chilling, are easy to grow in soil or water and their blooms will last 2-3 weeks indoors in a cool room. 

Start the first batch 5-6 weeks before you want blooms and then start new bulbs every two weeks to keep them growing through the winter. 

10 Bulbs with indoor growing instructions, tips & tricks. 

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