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Amazing Parrot Tulip Bulbs bulk savings available

Amazing Parrot Tulip Bulbs bulk savings available

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We love the unique, flamboyant blooms of Parrot Tulips. Called "Parrot" for the feathery and scalloped petals which twist and stretch toward the light creating an ever changing bloom show. Splashed and striped with brilliant rose, orange and mango, Amazing Parrot looks like a tropical umbrella drink.  Rich saturated warm color is particularly vibrant on strong stems. If it were up to me I would've named this one "Caribbean Queen". 

Almost all of our varieties are suitable for cutting, forcing, or planting in the garden. 

Tulips grow best in zones 4-7 where colder winters are more common. When planting outdoors most classes of tulips do not return every year, with the exception of the Darwin Hybrids and species. We grow them in pots and crates and compost the bulbs after they bloom. 

Parrot/Mid. 18-20” stem length. Contains 12 bulbs.

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