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Mysterious Parrot Tulip Bulbs

Mysterious Parrot Tulip Bulbs

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Ok. Obviously I’m obsessed with tulips. If you need something flamboyant for the garden or the vase, look no further.  To be such an amazing shade of rich, deep violet you’d think it would be hard to find proper companions. Not this one. She will work well with almost any other shade. Alibi, Blue Parrot, Silver Cloud, Negrita are all great choices.  Mysterious Parrot is a sport ( spontaneous genetic mutation) of Bleu Aimable.

Tulips grow best in zones 4-7 where colder winters are more common. When planting outdoors most classes of tulips do not return every year, with the exception of the Darwin Hybrids and species. We grow them in pots and crates and compost the bulbs after they bloom. 

Parrot. Mid. 12" stem length. Contains 15 bulbs.

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