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Prosecco Daffodil Bulbs

Prosecco Daffodil Bulbs

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Prosecco is a jonquilla narcissus. Jonquil Narcissus are known for their long stems and for having multiple flowers per stem. Prosecco is quite the chameleon depending upon how much sun she gets. Mostly creamy white petals with pink to peach-colored highlights, and peach to apricot orange cups. Fragrant and a great multiplier. We have some in the sunny garden and some potted in shade and they are happy to bloom where they are planted.  

Daffodils (Narcissus) grow in zones 4-10 and easily establish in your garden to return every Spring.  Plant daffodils about 6” deep in full sun to partial shade (in warmer climates). Growing and coaxing instructions included. 

Mini. Mid spring. 12"-14” stems, large 15/17 cm bulbs. 

Contains 12 bulbs.

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