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Queensland Fringed Peony Tulip Bulbs

Queensland Fringed Peony Tulip Bulbs

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Queensland. You want a showstopper? This one will stop people in their tracks. They will ask "what type of flower is that?" and you'll just grin and be like "it's a tulip", like you know everything. And then, when that competitive neighbor gardener asks you the variety you just say, "i can't remember". Floral designers break out in a sweat when these start blooming. A few even reserve in advance! Up to 5 inch blooms. 

Tulips grow best in zones 4-7 where colder winters are more common. When planting outdoors most classes of tulips do not return every year, with the exception of the Darwin Hybrids and species. We grow them in pots and crates and compost the bulbs after they bloom. 

Fringed tulips are a relatively new introduction. They have elegant, cup shaped flowers, with ragged edges that look as if they have been edged with pinking shears. They flower in mid/late spring with the Triumphs, Darwin Hybrids and Parrots. 12-14" Contains 12 bulbs.

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